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Frequenty Asked Questions- FAQ

How did this event evolve?


THE BACKGROUND: July 4th, 1981 Dr. Horvath heard the audible voice of God saying to him, “I am calling you to be an Assemblies of God minister, to be a light in a dark place, and to be a bridge builder.” Simultaneously, he had an open vision of a ball bouncing on the map of the U.S.A. and before his eyes the map morphed into a series of 7000 Islands and the ball bounced from the north to the south over every major city of the Philippines and from the bottom south all the way back up to the top, around the top and back down, 3 times the ball bounced over every major city of the nation.



For the past 17 years, Dr. Horvath and the JHM teams have been traveling to the Philippines doing Greater Miracle Crusades from the North to the South in 28 cities of the nation, leading more then 350,000 Filipinos to Christ, and have trained over 35,000 leaders in their Schools of Ministry.


When the teams got to the ball bouncing near Manila, the Holy Spirit said, “Do not go into Manila, You are not ready for Manila and Manila is not ready for you.” The ball bounced over Manila, and the ministry moved down through the rest of the cities to the south, and came to the bottom in 2011.


A SECOND VISION: Dr. Horvath was in prayer with one of the JHM board members praying about the plan as the “Ball Bounced Back Up” through the nation. As they were praying, Dr. Horvath had a second vision of the map of Manila and before his eyes the map grew into a volcano and then exploded into the 35 cites of the nation that the JHM team had held crusades. Then the Holy Spirit said to Dr. Horvath, “Now You are Ready for Manila and Manila is Ready for You! I have given you these relationships with many different ministries for such a time as this. I want you to bring these ministries to Manila and hold Crusades across the city in different locations and move the speakers around - and I want you to challenge each ministry to then fly out with their team and take one of the 35 cites for Jesus.”  

How did this event evolve?
What is the plan?




JHM (James Horvath Ministries) is securing 7 venues that seat 5,000 - 15,000 people each in different sub-cites across Manila. More then 50 ministries (PCEC Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches, Cathedral of Praise - Dr. David Sumrall, Jesus Is Lord - Bishop Eddie Villanueva, Philippine Council of Assemblies of God, CfAN - Daniel Kolenda, Evangel World Prayer Center - Dr. Bob Rodgers, Shake the Nations - Nathan Morris, Ablaze Internation/Ignited Church - Apostle Stephen Strader, Morris Cerullo, EJM - Eddie James Ministries, and many more) are partnering with JHM and the Philippines to preach the gospel to the lost in evening Greater Miracle Crusades (John 14:12) as well as teaching in the day at the Believer’s Meetings for a two week period in Manila and across the nation in 35 cities.


What is the plan?
Who is involved and where are these events taking place?


20 Confirmed Cities and Ministries:


Cebu City: Evangel World Prayer Center (Louisville, KY) Dr. Bob Rodgers

Cebu City 2 million people (Providence 4.5M)


IloIlo City: EJM Eddie James Ministries (Atlanta, GA) IloIlo City 850,000 (Providence 1.8M)


 Dasmarinas: Shake the Nations (Daphne, AL) Nathan Morris Dasmarinas, Cavite 1 Million (Cavite Providence 3.5M)


Batangas City: KCC (Karmel City Church - Belfast Ireland) Apostle Glenn Dunlop Batangas City 2.8 million people


Bagio City: Cross Tabernacle - (Terre Haute IN) Apostle Keith Taylor & Door Keepers (New Zealand) Evangelist Michael Livengood, and 4 other ministries Bagio City 320,000 people


Tacolban City: Ignited Church (Lakeland, FL) - Apostle Stephen Strader

Tacolban City 300,000 people (1.5M on island of Leyte)


Ozamiz City: Mike Keys Ministries (AZ/Ozamiz), Mighty Word Church - (LaSalle, IL) Apostle Tom Arnold, Faith of The Nations (Denver, CO) Larry Hrovat, Ozamiz City 150,000


13 Cities of Manila: JHM (Rochelle - IL) Manila 28 Million

Cathedral of Praise - (Metrol Manila) Pastor David Sumrall,

New Life Churches - Pastor Paul Chase

Bishop Daniel Balais - Intercessors for the Philippines

JIL - Jesus Is Lord - Bishop Eddie Villanueva

Chito Sanchez - Chairman, and the PCEC (Philippine Council of Evangelicals, Victory Churches, and all major protestant denominations.


Metro Manila, Caloocan, Makati, Malabon, Mandaluyong, Marikina, Muntinlupa, Navotas, Parañaque, Pasay, Pasig, Quezon City, San Juan, Taguig, and Valenzuela, as well as the Municipality of Pateros. and Alabang in Muntinlupa.



Here are the ministries already fully committed, planning and praying about which cities to take:


Crusaders Ministries - Apostle John Eckhardt (Chicago, IL)

President of VBI (Ron McIntosh) & Victory Christian Church (Tulsa, OK)

Morris Cerullo Ministries (San Diego, CA)

Dan Arnold (Road Ranger USA)

New Covenant Ministries - Tim Arenholtz (Galena, IL)


Here are the Cities still available:

Angeles City

Bacolod City

CDO (Cagayon de Oro) 650,000



Laoag City





Naga City

San Fernando La Union

San Fernando Pampanga

Tarlac City



Here are the ministries we are dialoguing with and working on dates and schedules:


Victory Christian Center - Sharon Daugherty (Tulsa, OK)

King’s Cathedral - Dr. James Marocco (Maui, HI)

Marilyn & Sarah Hickey, (Denver, CO)

Roy Fields Ministries (Orlando, FL)

Davao City: CfAN Christ for All Nations (Orlando, FL) Daniel Kolenda, Davao City 2million (Providence 4.5 M)


12 other ministries are also in the process of being contacted

What ministries are involved?
Is there a schedule?



WEEK 1, Nov. 15-21, 2015:


Sunday Nov. 15 - The Nation Invasion begins with 50+ ministries (potentially 150+ preachers), PREACHING across Manila 300 churches promoting and challenging believers to bring the lost to the venues.


Monday-Friday, Nov. 16-20 - Day meetings and evening GMC begin across Manila. Each day and night the major speakers will be moved from venue to venue across the city. On Friday night there will be Oil Anointing Services in each of the Venues!


WEEK 2, Nov. 21-29*, 2015


Saturday, Nov. 21 - All of the speakers will be flying into their designated cities and will be meeting with their teams to get ready to take their city for Jesus Christ.


Sunday, Nov. 22 - Team members PREACH across their designated city to as many churches as possible promoting and challenging believer to bring the lost to the GMC venue.


Monday-Friday, Nov. 24-27* Day School of Ministry meetings and evening GMC begin in each city. On Friday night each ministry team is encouraged to hold an Oil Anointing Service on the concluding night of the crusade.


 *Some crusades may begin and end before or after these dates.

Is there a schedule?
My ministry wants to be involved?
My ministry wants to get involved. How do I go about doing this?


Ministries that are interested in becoming involved with the Philippines 4 Jesus event will be responsible for taking a city that is available. The apporximate cost to host a citywide crusade is around $25,000. It is possible to host a city with other ministries in order to minimize expenses. We encourage you to contact us in order to have a fully disclosed introduction to the Philippines5Jesus event.  

I want to be involved!
I am an individual that is interested in becoming involved and being a part of the team. How do I go about doing this?


This answer can vary depending on your physical location. If you are located in the United States the approximate costs is around $3,500 to travel with the USA Team. This covers transporation, food and lodging. If you are located in the Philippines or another country we encourage you to contact us and discuss these details at a later date.   

Bagong Simula

2 Corinthians 5:17

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