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Evangelist Steven Koko

In a conversation with God, Steven once said, “Lord, if you allow me to win two souls to Christ, I will know my life was worth it, and I’ll be happy with my life until I reach heaven."  He hesitated and spoke again cautiously, “No, Lord, grant me five souls … no, seven souls …" Then he said, "Lord, I won’t put a limit on You. I just want to win souls for You.” Today, South America for Christ has seen more than 147,000 decisions for Jesus Christ.  Son of Greek immigrants, Steven Koko gave his life to the Lord at an early age and heard the call to the mission field moments after his conversion. 


In 2005 Evangelist Steven co-founded a church in Chicago, Storehouse Ministries.  Years after, he laid that ministry down to embrace God's original call to missions and began the ministry of South America For Christ.  

The ministry places a strong emphasis on partnering, equipping, and mobilizing local churches to win their communities for Christ.


"Our mission is crystal clear. We want all men and women, young and old, to have a real encounter with the love and forgiveness of God, in Christ.We want to preach the Gospel in such a pure way that others will clearly see past us and into the loving eyes of the Savior of this Gospel ... Jesus Christ." Steve Koko

Bagong Simula

2 Corinthians 5:17

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